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                                                WHAT IS PLAY THERAPY?   

''Empathy is a defining feature of human relationships. Empathy stops you doing things that would hurt another person's feelings. Empathy also stops you inflicting pain on a person or animal. Empathy allows you to tune into someone else's world, setting aside your own world-your perception, knowledge, assumptions or feelings. ''

                                                              -Baron-Cohen and Chakrabarti

Play is the heart of children's development socially, emotionally and physically. It allows children to make social relationship and friendship. Their imagination and creativeness expand through play. It helps them to concentrate on their learning. Children are able to empathise through their role play and learn about the outside world that they are growing in. Play therapy enables them to become aware of their feelings and to express them safely. 


Donald Winnicott (1896-1971) describes play and child's play world as a bridge between a child and his/her caregiver/s' which develops a secure attachment relationship for the child. However, not all children experience a secure attachment relationship with their parent (s)/caregiver(s) for various reasons. Play therapy connects the child's mind with the therapist allowing him/her to rebuild and repair his/her attachment issues. Play therapy helps children with many other issues too, such as anger management issues, abuse and neglect, self-esteem and self-confidence (The full diagrams of issues that children have and can be helped by Violet Play Therapy can be found in the services section). The therapeutic and trusting relationship built between the child and the therapist helps him/her to explore new strategies, enhance problem-solving skills and imagination. Play therapy helps children to increase their self-understanding and the outside world. It provides a special time to children and young people to accept that it is Okay to have these feelings and helps them to deal with their negative emotions which are impacting on their daily lives.  

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